Another Project Signed After “Gateway City”


On March 18th, cooperation signing ceremony of the urban renewal project“Xiling North Area” was held on the fourth floor of Xiling Corporation.Huangwei, President of New World Group, Yanjun, GeneralManager of New World Group, Luo Yanguang, Deputy General Manager of New WorldGroup and Yangsui, President of Xiling Corporation attended the ceremony.


Xilingxia Village is an unincorporated village fall within the jurisdiction of Liantangsub-district administrative office in Luohu District. It covers an area of 1.15square kilometers which starts from Pengji Pedestrian Bridge to the east,extends to Shenzhen River to the south, connects with Yanfang Road and HuangbeiStreet to the west, and arrives to the Back hills of Xilingxia Village to the north.The south area of Xilingxia Village has been rebuilt into a top-levelcommercial and residential project “Gateway City” which covers an area of230,000 square meters. It was a key cooperation project of New World Group andXiling Corporation; so far, all apartments of this project have been sold out.

The success of  the signing of “Xiling North Area” urban renewal is the second cooperation after “GatewayCity” project between New World and Xiling Corporation. Being the builder offirst-rate residential area of east of the city, New World Group will try tobuild eco-homes basing on the foundation of city construction. Both partieswill give full play to their respective advantages to complete the projectsatisfactorily and to contribute more for the urban renewal of Shenzhen!