New World Cooperates with SAP to Push Refined Management into  New Steps


 In Aug.1, 2016, the Kick Off Meeting of Cost System, Purchasing System and OAsystem were held successfully at the meeting room of 53 floor of New WorldCenter by Shenzhen New World Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NewWorld Group) and SAP. New World Group cooperates with SAP again in the respectof information management after their previous cooperation in the field ofconsultancy.

Yan jun- GM of New World Group, Deputy GM Zhangyu , Deputy GM and Director of DesignDepartment Xiang Qingbin, Director of Admin & HR Department Jiang Zhigang,CFO Huang Zhifang, Manager of Cost Control Department Wu Tianshou, Director ofPurchasing Department Mo Rulian and Director of SAP Ma Yubing together with theproject members attended this meeting. The two parties make clear what thesignificance this project is to New World Group, and put forward therequirements on progress of this project and the goal and plan of this project.Rights and responsibilities of the project teams from both sides are clarified.The two parties should try to cooperate closely to guarantee the success of theproject.

General Manager Yanjun said that information management has become an importantenterprise management method for real estate companies. Real estate developmentis a major source of profits for New World Group, so cost control andmanagement have become top priorities for our Group. Only through informationmanagement could we improve the condition of being passive in cost managementand improve the situation of unitary cost modules. To cooperate with SAP is thefirst step toward cost refined management.